How To Use Lead Symphony

Self-Guided Training

Learn the basics of Lead Symphony. This page will help you understand how the software works, and teach you how to build a job story. Learn to easily organize project information and how to share job stories with customers. 

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In this section:

  1. Lead Symphony – Because Content Is King (Video)
  2. Lead Symphony – How It Works (Video)
  3. Lead Symphony – Basic Training (Video)

Lead Symphony – Because Content Is King


Learn what Lead Symphony does for your company hand how it benefits your prospective customers. 

Lead Symphony – How It Works


An overview of the features and benefits of Lead Symphony. This video helps you understand how Lead Symphony works and the basic parts of a job story.

Lead Symphony – Step By Step Guide To Creating A Job Story Page


This video is a step by step guide showing you how to build a job story from start to finish. This is a great way to get a refresher, or to train new team members. Start and stop the video as you complete different sections of a new job story.