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Lead Symphony
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Here Are A Few Other FAQs About Lead Symphony

A free 15-minute strategy session is all you need.

It works on all major platforms and web themes.

Yes, we want to help you transform your team Into virtual upselling rockstars. 

Your other software won't do what Lead Symphony does.

Lead Symphony lets you turn every project you do into private or forward-facing content for your website, as well as visual presentations, documentation & more. It coaches you step by step in creating SEO enhanced content and only requires about 10 minutes for most projects.

A gallery can't communicate details or reach your customer on the same level as a Lead Symphony Job Page.

If you want to motivate your lead, then a gallery isn't the strong choice.

45 minutes. 

Between 30 minutes and 1 month, depending on the complication of the search and how many assets you have.

No, we help you generate your own leads by helping you create content on your site.

Yes. Lead Symphony adds keywords, EXIF data & search phrases to each shared element -- making your website more likely to show up in a Google, Bing or Social Media search. Additionally, you will quickly grow a content library from your own jobs. Great customer friendly content with photos & videos helps more than anyting else with Google, Bing, and your customer.

Not really. At $99 per month for most accounts, most companies don't even notice the cost. It easily pays for itself when you start saving web team & SEO dollars. And you'll close more deals. On average, LS users show a 20+ % increase in closing ratios.

Your first month is only $14.99. 

Rapid-fire visual presentations, Organic search engine leads, great documentation, and a webpage for each job.
Your customers will love it. You will, too.

LS Pro

Create Unlimited Pages.
Unlimited Team Members.
$ 99 Monthly
  • Lead Symphony Marketing Software
  • Installation
  • Team Training
  • Free Support
  • Weekly Power Training for SEO & Content Creation

SEO Jumpstart

Add On for LS Pro or LS Pro Plus.
One Time Cost.
$ 1200 One Time Cost For Add-On Package
  • Youtube Setup With Team Onboarding
  • Team Bio Pages
  • Areas Served Pages (Up To 5)
  • 5 Job Stories Built By Our Team
  • GMB Checkup & Recommendations

Trade Show Special

$ 2500 Annual Membership
  • Free Drone
  • Save $500 Per Year

Our Stuff Works Great With Youtube.

Using Youtube
Today & Make
Your Closes Easier.

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