Upselling Strategies

TUESDAY, May 18, 2021

15 Minute Training with Strategies & Techniques You Can Put To Work Today

Upselling Strategies Outline:

Upselling helps your customer spend more with your company.

    • What are you upselling? 
    • Do you know your upsells? 
    • Right place to be for upselling in 2021 
  1. Kirby talks about his upsells
    • Chimney Caps & Coating
    • Service Agreements
    • Gutter Guards
    • Sun Tunnels
  2. Your upsells should be evergreen. Should not be a part of the close of the deal. 
    • You probably think of upsells as something like 
      • Ice & Water
      • Warranties 
      • Backsplashes for kitchen countertops
    • Those are parts of the existing deal. They may help close, but they’re not really upsells. Your customer already has those in mind and they’re something that competitors are also going to offer. 
    • Upsells should be offered outside of the deal and after you’ve closed the deal. 
  3. Offering a SunTunnel as an upsell:
    You’ve inked a deal for $10K. Then you add, “I notice that the upstairs has a lot of small windows and darker spaces. If you spend much time up there, consider a sun tunnel. They’re affordable and provide some big benefits for your health. They’re one of those ‘life-changing’ discoveries.” 
  4. Most important thing – An upsell offer you between 2x & 5x profits. They’re a tool to increase the bottom line. 
  5. Another great time for upsells is after you’ve completed the project. 
  6. Upsells can drive team competitions. 
  7. Creating a Lead Symphony Job Page for an Upsell Project