Wind Damaged Shingles in Maryville, Tn

This roof has wind and hail damage. These are the two primary types of store and damages that occur on roofing and gutters. Maryville is had several different hail storms over the past 10 or 15 years. And this roof has definitely been in need of replacing. The back of the roof can make it […]

Sam Struthers – Crest Exteriors – RoofCon 2020 Roofing Convention

Sam struthers roofing Convention

Sam Struthers is founder and CEO of Texas-based Crest Exteriors LLC. He founded the company in August of 2015 and established its headquarters in Plano, Texas. A graduate of Texas Tech University located in Lubbock, Texas Sam holds a degree in accounting; Struthers career endeavors would take him from humble beginnings and success as an […]

Logan Graff – Crest Exteriors – RoofCon 2020 Roofing Convention

Logan graff roofing Convention

Logan Graff became Crest Exteriors Vice President in April of 2017 due to his impressive mark he made on the company when he joined the team as project manager in 2016. Logan brings years of invaluable experience in a lot of different areas as in: accounts receivable, team building, sales management and training techniques. Logan […]

Doug Quinn – RoofCon 2020 Roofing Convention

Doug Quinn Roofing Convention

APA Executive Director Doug Quinn is a Marine Corps veteran who was living a comfortable life as an investment advisor on the Jersey Shore until he lost his home in Superstorm Sandy. Although he had the maximum legal amount of flood coverage, Doug’s Insurance Company only offered him 37 cents on the dollar. In the […]

Chuck Thokey – RoofCon 2020 Roofing Convention

Chuck thockey Roofing Convention

What do sales organizations need most to successfully navigate change, stay relevant, and compete in today’s often crowded sales arena? Systems. Processes. Leadership. Increased closing ratios. Cohesive sales teams, and a path to realize big goals.That’s where Chuck Thokey comes in. He works with companies all over the United States to take what can feel […]

Eric Oberembt – D&M Roofing & Siding RoofCon 2020 Roofing Convention

Eric Oberembt roofing convention

President and Owner of D&M Roofing and Siding. He’s been in the industry since he was 10 years old helping his grandfather who started their company in 1965. He has an extensive background in low slope commercial roofing. He loves helping and educating property owners and property managers in how to navigate insurance claims and […]

Dr. Nico Stringfellow – Eagle Eye Adjusters – RoofCon 2020 Roofing Convention

Nico Stringfellow Roofing Convention

Dr. Nico Stringfellow has been in the Insurance Restoration industry for over 10 years, starting as a Sales Representative for a roofing company. Over the last decade, Nico has worked in many different capacities within the industry, including Claims Consulting, Supplementation, Business Consulting, and ultimately, the Founder and President of Eagle Eye Adjusters, Inc. Nico […]

Joseph Hughes – Contractor Dynamics RoofCon 2020 Roofing Convention

Joseph Hughes roofing convention

Joseph is the marketing director of Contractor Dynamics, the roofing industry’s only marketing training company. Joseph and his team help roofing companies install brand-building and customer-generating social marketing systems in their businesses, so they can grow predictably, achieve their goals, and build amazing lives for themselves, their team, and their communities.