Matt Danskin – RoofCon 2020 Roof Convention

Matt Danskin is the trainer and creator of Restoration Referral System; which teaches restoration contractors how to consistently develop productive referral relationships with insurance agents. Driven by his passion for learning and continuous improvement, he prides himself in providing personal and accessible skills training. Be sure to check out Matt’s break out session at RoofCON […]

Phil Sanov – Morgan & Morgan RoofCon Sales Convention 2020

Phil Sanov RoofCon 2020

Phil Sanov can help you set claims up for quick success in the Insurance Restoration Industry. Phil’s trial experience includes multi-million-dollar policyholder victory verdicts in hailstorm, windstorm, and fire claims. Phil’s reputation as an attorney getting millions for policyholders leads insurance carriers to pay policy limits — and more — long before claims get to […]

The Roofing Academy – Proud Sponsor and Keynote Speaker RoofCon Sales Convention 2020

The Roofing Academy is founded by Randy Brothers, a successful entrepreneur and the founder/owner of a multi-million dollar roofing company in Colorado. He is also the founder of The Roofing Academy, an online virtual training curriculum that specializes in helping other roofing business owners succeed. TRA offers a full curriculum on starting and growing a […]

The Catch All – Sponsor of RoofCon Roof Convention 2020

The Catch All is a team of roofers based out of Texas who are working toward change in our industry. This team of roofers found themselves doing a great job on someone’s roof—only to get a call later about a damaged bush or a nail in a lawnmower tire.  Sound familiar? Perfect customer satisfaction felt […]

McClenny, Moseley & Associates Proud Sponsor Of RoofCon Sales Convention 2020

McClenny Moseley & Associates, PLLC located in Houston, Texas and specializes in: Natural Disasters, Fire Claims, Hail Claims, Wind Claims, Flood Winds, Hurricane Claims, Vandalism Claims and Theft Claims. McClenny, Moseley & Associates,  protect the rights of policyholders by forcing insurance companies to uphold their contractual promises. Our attorneys specialize in commercial insurance dispute litigation and commercial property loss. This includes insurance disputes […]