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The Roofing Academy is founded by Randy Brothers, a successful entrepreneur and the founder/owner of a multi-million dollar roofing company in Colorado. He is also the founder of The Roofing Academy, an online virtual training curriculum that specializes in helping other roofing business owners succeed.
TRA offers a full curriculum on starting and growing a successful roofing business.

Stop by and check out their booth!



Start Build Grow – The Roofing Academy will be at the roof convention 2020

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    Get to Class - Full Online Virtual Academy

    Whether you are just getting started or have an established company that needs help turning things around,  The Roofing Academy is the place for you. You will also be able to meet and network with like-minded individuals with the same goals in mind, success, freedom, and happiness. You will be learning from some of the best in the industry.

    Click the link below for the full curriculum. 


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    Start Build Grow Show Podcast - Check it out
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    Roof Convention 2020 Schedule

    Be sure to join the session with the Roof Academy!

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    Hear from one of the students
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