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Sam Struthers is founder and CEO of Texas-based Crest Exteriors LLC. He founded the company in August of 2015 and established its headquarters in Plano, Texas.

A graduate of Texas Tech University located in Lubbock, Texas Sam holds a degree in accounting; Struthers career endeavors would take him from humble beginnings and success as an insurance adjustor to his current post heading up one of the fastest growing roofing companies in the U.S.
Struthers likes to inspire his team of commercial and residential roofing experts with the story of his start! It was a side job to replace wood shingles on a few wind-damaged roofs. And with a small shingle bundle, freshly minted business cards and no contracts signed, what began as a side job quickly lead to a fully damaged roof. Thanks to his 10 plus years as an insurance adjustor, this was a natural evolution for Sam, as he knew how to get the job done and all the requirements to do so. These were the early beginnings of a vision that is now Crest Exteriors, LLC.
Fast forward to today and Struthers is successfully expanding his business with a strategic approach that is “Integrity Before Profit”. Crest Exteriors offers full general contracting services with a specialization in roofing and storm restoration. Sam has a laser focus on the company culture he has created and trademarked. The Crest culture is simply referred to as #CrestHustle. Sam embodies this thought process and only leads by example. He believes his Crest family is an extension of his own.
With offices in Atlanta, Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, Tyler and Victoria, Struthers is pleased with the company direction and culture he is leading.

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    Storm Damage Repair

    The experienced team at Crest Exteriors knows exactly what needs to be done to repair roof storm damage. Our professionals have all the skills and tools necessary to patch up or completely replace a storm damaged roof when bad weather rears its ugly head. Homeowners are often surprised to learn that even a bout of high winds or heavy rains can wreak havoc on a home. Left unfixed, storm damaged roofing can get much worse through deterioration, the spreading of cracks, and routine aging.

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