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Pate Smith was born and raised in Ozark, Alabama, a place where hometown values and relationships are at the heart of the community. Pate has thrived on building relationships and helping others his entire life and feels those connections give him a purpose within himself.He felt going to law school was a natural path to better understanding businesses and would also provide an opportunity for him to help others in some way. Pate had found his sweet spot between helping individuals overcome challenges with their claims, while at the same time educating and empowering people within the industry to better themselves and their businesses.Pate loves the opportunity to reach diverse groups of people and provide ideas that can improve their outcomes in both business and insurance claim dispute resolution.

McClenny, Moseley & Associates – RoofCon 2020

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    At McClenny, Moseley & Associates, PLLC their main goal is to protect the rights of policyholders while maintaining the highest ethical standards. They recognize the importance of customer satisfaction and handle all cases with determination and respect. Their fearless attorneys go above and beyond to help you fight for what you deserve.

    Clients are their main priority, and they understand how crucial their role is in the outcome of life-altering cases. Their attorneys keep their clients updated at every step of the litigation process and are available at all times. They will do whatever it takes to defend their clients for what they deserve or for what they have lost.

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    Client Testimonials

    C. Clements
    Once I signed up with the MMA team, I felt like I could go back to living my life. They took care of it all and were extremely responsive throughout the process. If I ever need assistance with a property insurance claim again, I will most definitely be a repeat customer of McClenny Moseley & Associates.

    Shelle Rae Kirk
    After all the headaches we decided to hire McClenny Moseley & Associates. Within months our claim was resolved, and we were able to make all repairs needed to our home.

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    Make sure to check him out at RoofCon 2020

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