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Dr. Nico Stringfellow has been in the Insurance Restoration industry for over 10 years, starting as a Sales Representative for a roofing company. Over the last decade, Nico has worked in many different capacities within the industry, including Claims Consulting, Supplementation, Business Consulting, and ultimately, the Founder and President of Eagle Eye Adjusters, Inc. Nico is passionate about assisting property owners in handling their claims, and assisting contractors in navigating the process. Nico has been extremely active in consulting many contractors in the growth and operations of their businesses, and continues to be an open ear to many people in the industry. Being a lifelong learner and a consistent source of assistance to those that need it are two of the reasons that people look to Nico for help. He is always telling others that he is a “text message away,” as getting him on the phone can be, in his words, “a miracle”.

Eagle Eye Public Adjusters – Roofing Convention 2020

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    Eagle Eye Public Adjusters, Inc. leads the way in residential and commercial insurance claim processing.

    With over 10 years of experience, they specialize in helping you recover from property damage due to weather and major storm events including hurricane, tornado, hail, wind, water, flood, fire and earthquakes. They advocate for fair and balanced settlements for property owners, and leave no stone unturned throughout the insurance claim settlement process. Whether you have storm damage to your home, business, commercial property, church, nonprofit, school, or any other structure, they’ve got you covered!

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    They know it’s stressful to endure a storm and the emotional toll that property damage takes on your life. Headquartered in Texas, they’ve certainly witnessed their share of extreme weather! Their expert team of Public Adjusters helps you navigate every step of the insurance claim process. Whether you have a new claim, a previously denied claim, or an underfunded claim you’d like a 2nd opinion on, they provide Free Damage Assessments! They go above and beyond for their clients.

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