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Becca Switzer began her sales career at the young age of 19 after dropping out of college to pursue Cutco Cutlery sales, being the first $12,000 Fast Starter in her region and going on to sell over six figures in Cutco two years in a row, earning her the Sir Lancelot Award and winning multiple push contests.Her performance caught the eye of storm restoration recruiters and she transitioned into roof sales in 2010, averaging $160,000 in residential sales per month and developing her unique supplementing method throughout the process. She and her former partner ran a local roofing company in St. Louis before Becca began creating Roof Sales Mastery, beginning with writing her book, “Diamonds in the Sky: Introduction to Storm Restoration Sales” in 2014, creating a YouTube channel with 1M views and over 11K subscribers, and going on to create six turnkey, repeatable systems and training programs for contractors covering recruiting, sales training, supplementing, and Xactimate training that have become the industry standard for scaling roofing businesses, proven consistently by the incredible results of the thousands of contractors a part of Roof Sales Mastery today. She has been featured in Voyage Magazine, The Art of Supplementing podcast, The Game Changing Roofer podcast, The Roofer Show, and Roofing Insights, among others.

Roof Sales Mastery at RoofCon Roof Convention 2020

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    Author of Diamonds in the Sky

    Diamonds in the Sky will give you actionable tips, scripts, and methods to create the results you're after for door knocking, objection-handling, closing, and the insurance claims process.

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    Roof Sales Mastery Training

    Roof Sales Mastery training offers programs that are suited for you as the business owner or the salesman.  Roof Sales Mastery offers REAL, repeatable, modern strategies that actually work.

    Be sure to check out the booth at RoofCon 2020. 

    Here is a link to get started now!


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    Don't miss Becca at RoofCon 2020 Roof Convention

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