Your Next Project in High-Def

Your company had been good to you and allowed you to pursue your dreams; why not give something back? With Virtual Presentation software you turn your website into a sales canvas, addressing the exact solutions your customers are looking for. Virtual demonstrations are the next evolution of in-home sales, and Lead Symphony's dynamic content generation makes it possible.

WordPress Plugin Requirements

  • WordPress Version: 5.4.0 or higher
  • PHP Version: 7.x
  • Amazon AWS
  • SSL Certificate

Document Every Job

Documenting work progress can be difficult. Lead Symphony automates the documentation process for you with a few clicks or taps. Our software allows you to avoid scattering website content across dozen of devices and gets them onto the web in less then five minutes a day. Even if your company excels at documentation, Lead Symphony makes it faster and easier, freeing up your time to obtain new business.

  • Maintain knowledge management for training future employees
  • Create highly visible, online content with every project
  • Record your entire project from begging to end 
  • Use previous projects to close new business 
  • “Build in High Definition” – create high-def examples of the quality of work you perform

Easy to Install and Get Started

Lead Symphony gives you full control over driving content to your website without hiring a team of web development or WordPress experts. 

  • 30 minutes to sign-up, install, and on-board.
  • 5 minutes a day
  • Easily post content to Facebook and other social media sites.

Turn Inspections into Demonstrations 

  • Create shareable URLS for your customers to view their property inspections
  • Spec your next project with ease because your customer will be able to better understand areas of concern
  • Use pins with notes to answer specific questions
  • Train your staff to use technology to close deals
  • $498 per month/per website
  • 5 User accounts
  • 30 minute on-boarding
  • 5 minutes per day
  • Free installation (no set up fees)
  • No commitment (cancel anytime)

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Avoid Being a Commodity*

Lead Symphony differentiates you from your competition by turning your website into a sales canvas. Document your work like normal and create better virtual presentations, giving your company a competitive advantage. 


*Commodity noun: a mass-produced unspecialized product

Unlimited  Content Generation

  • Automated software version upgrade
  • User permissions control
  • 100% control of content
  • Shareable with social media networks
  • Automated license update
  • No development experience needed
  • Auto-link Vimeo and Youtube videos

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Sales in the Story

The true power of sales lies in the story that you tell your customers. Better refine and developer your customer story with Lead Symphony. 

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LS 10 - Quick Start

30 minutes of on-boarding with you and your staff and you are ready to dynamically generate website content for your business. 

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What to Expect Next

Now that you’ve scheduled your Lead Symphony demonstration, learn what you should expect next here.

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